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Ensuring the health and well-being of women, infants, and children in our community is a top priority at Nantucket Family Resource. Therefore, we take pride in helping our community connect with WIC services in Nantucket to support families in need. Our team is here to guide you through the process of getting enrolled to ensure you have access to nutritious food, educational resources, and a supportive community. To learn more, call our office today or connect with our team online.

Understanding WIC Services

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. It’s a federally funded program designed to provide low-income pregnant, postpartum women, and children up to five who are at nutritional risk with vital resources. These resources include access to healthy food, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and referrals to healthcare and other essential services.

Eligibility for WIC Services

To be eligible for WIC services in Nantucket, applicants must meet income guidelines, a state residency requirement, and be determined to be at “nutritional risk” by a health professional. At Nantucket Family Resource, we can help determine your eligibility and guide you through the application process.

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Comprehensive Support for Families

To nurture the future of our community, providing ample support to families is crucial. The WIC program does just that. At Nantucket Family Resource, we offer a holistic approach to family wellness, ensuring that every aspect of nutrition and support is covered.

Nutritional Food Options

A significant component of the WIC program is providing access to nutritious foods. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, and proteins. We ensure that families have the necessary resources to make healthful food choices that contribute to their overall well-being.

Nutrition Education

Beyond access to food, the program also emphasizes education. Families receive valuable information on healthy eating, meal planning, and the nutritional needs of infants and children. This education empowers parents and caregivers to make informed choices about their family’s diet.

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Breastfeeding Support

WIC services also include breastfeeding support. Breastfeeding mothers receive information, encouragement, and access to resources like breast pumps. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff is here to answer questions and provide assistance, ensuring mothers have a supportive environment.

Connecting to Healthcare and Social Services

Part of the WIC program includes connecting families to healthcare services. Whether it’s regular check-ups, immunizations, or other medical needs, we ensure you have access to the right healthcare providers.

Furthermore, families can receive referrals to various social services. This comprehensive approach ensures that in addition to nutritional support, families can access other necessary resources. These services include housing assistance, job training, and child care services.

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Visit Nantucket Family Resource for WIC Services Assistance

At Nantucket Family Resource, we are your partner in ensuring the health and prosperity of your family. Our dedicated team offers support, guidance, and access to the WIC program, ensuring you have everything you need for a healthy start.

If you think you may be eligible or want to learn more about WIC services in Nantucket, we encourage you to contact us. Visit us at Nantucket Family Resource and take the first step towards accessing this vital program and resources. Your family’s health is our top priority, and we are here to help.