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Parenting Tips for Adult Children (25+)

10 Tips for Parenting Adult Children

There’s a common misconception that parenting ends when your child turns 18. However, ask anyone with adult children, and they’ll tell you that the parenting continues — it’s just different. The fact is that the transition to adulthood is challenging for many children, but those challenges offer you ways to grow your relationship and help them navigate the obstacles. 

To help, our team at Nantucket Family Resource Center (NFRC) has created these 10 parenting tips for adult children. Keep reading!

1. Respect Their Independence

A top parenting tip for adult children is to support and encourage their independence. You raised them right, so now you just have to trust that they’ll make the right decisions. Remind your children that it’s okay to make mistakes and that everyone does it. Just make sure you learn from them. 

2. Respect Boundaries and Honor Their Space

Adult children begin to establish their own boundaries. So, remember to respect them. That often means respecting their requests about visits. And it also means that they might not want to discuss every personal matter with you anymore or that their lifestyle choices might differ from yours. 

3. Listen More & Advise Less

Now is the time to be a sounding board. Adult children need a listening ear rather than constantly getting unsolicited advice. We understand that it’s your natural instinct to want to help by offering advice, but adult children often just need a space to vent so they can figure things out on their own. 

4. Tell Your Children You’re Proud of Them

The early adult years are an age of achievements. First jobs, getting married, and so much more. Let them know how proud you are of them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large accomplishment, they just need the encouragement that they are doing things correctly. 

5. Keep Up Your Connections

A solid parenting tip for adult children is to keep up with your communications. Check-in with them, but don’t become overbearing. If they don’t have time for a lengthy call, a quick text or email is a great alternative. 

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6. Focus on Positives

Maybe you or your child still hold on to some resentments from things that didn’t go well in the past. The adult years are a time to try to get past these by focusing on positive moments. When conflicts happen, do what you can so as not to place blame on each other. 

7. Respect Their Life Choices Without Judgment

Your adult children will make some life choices that you don’t totally agree with. That’s okay! A quality parenting tip is to always approach things with respect. You can respect their choices without necessarily having to agree with them. 

8. Support Should be Unconditional

You love your child unconditionally. Your support should also be unconditional. Your adult child will surely face difficulties at some point, and they will need you to be their rock. Be there for them. 

9. Enjoy Quality Time Together

There’s nothing that improves relationships like going together on a long weekend away or vacation. These stress-free environments are perfect places to open up to each other. Plus, you’ll make lasting memories that you’ll treasure forever. 

10. Utilize Family Services and Resources

Our top parenting tip for adult children is to not go it alone. Utilize our resources and counselors at Nantucket Family Resource Center. We also provide workshops and parenting support groups so you can learn from other’s experiences. Contact our office today and tell us your story. We’re here to help!

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