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Helping Your Child Become a Successful Adult — Parenting Tips for Young Adults

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a great job so far! Now, your child is entering the final phase before adulthood. While young adults are physically developed, remember that their minds are still growing, and they still need your guidance. This is an exciting time for you. Yet, it also gives parents plenty of anxiety. That’s why our team at Nantucket Family Resource Center (NFRC) wants to help. Here are some parenting tips for young adults that help set them up for success. 

Letting Go…But Not Stopping

Don’t think of it as letting go of your child. Instead, think of it as setting them up with the tools they need for their success and freedom. 

We get it. It’s challenging to see your child go off on their own. It is so difficult to watch them struggle when things aren’t going right. However, remember that you’ve equipped them to get through tough times and succeed. Continue to encourage them to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for the consequences. Most of all, encourage them to learn from whatever choice they make. Remember, you can be a safety net if necessary, but it’s essential to let them try on their own. 

Stay Connected…But Limit the Hovering

It’s sometimes tough to look back and remember how much your child needed you when they were younger. But at this point, it’s all about balance. Yes, you need to continue to stay in touch, but now is the time to consider how often. No matter how much you communicate, make it known that you are always a non-judgmental ear for whatever they need. That helps them feel comfortable sharing their life updates, successes, and challenges. 

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes are okay! Everyone stumbles. You even stumbled when you were their age. Remind your young adult that when a mistake happens, they learn something from the experience. That helps them be more comfortable taking on challenges in the future. 

Celebrate the Small Stuff

It’s challenging for your young adult to head off on their own. So, when they score a victory — think graduation or landing a job — it’s time to celebrate. Achieving milestones creates momentum. And there is no better way to show your young adult they are on the right path than by celebrating the achievement. 

Plan Your Visits (No Surprises)

Here is a top parenting tip: do not plan a trip and show up unannounced. Remember, your young adult has their own life and responsibilities. So go ahead and plan a weekend together, just make sure to do it in advance so everyone is ready. 

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The Meaning of Home

Parents want their children to visit home. However, remember that they are also creating their own home. So, while you might feel upset if they want to stay on campus for a long weekend or stay at their new apartment for a holiday, you need to let them create their own sense of home. 

Watch Your Advice

You’ve lived long enough to have plenty of experience. And that also means you have plenty of advice and parenting tips for college age kids. But piling on too much at once isn’t a good idea. First, it can feel overwhelming as a young adult. Second, it can also feel overbearing — like you are overstepping their boundaries. The best move is to give out advice only when your young adult asks. 

Let’s Talk Money

Financial independence is a huge part of becoming a young adult. But to be financially independent, your child needs the right tools. That includes budgeting. Also, discuss the dangers of credit and how interest rates quickly compound how much they owe. Your young adult needs some savings as well, especially in the case of a financial emergency like a car breakdown or unexpected medical bills. 

Smart spending is essential. Your young adult shouldn’t go into debt for “wants.” Ensure they know what is truly important in their budget. 

Mind Emotional Health

Did you know that many mental health conditions begin in the early 20s? That’s why it is so important to monitor your young adult’s mental health. Teach them that it’s okay to seek help if they need it. Talk about stress, anxiety, and other issues. 

Strong Support

While you provide as much support as possible, you won’t always be nearby or available. What if your young adult lives in a different city or state? Make sure they know where they can seek support when they need it. Be it campus health services or online therapy, let them know they have options.

Keep Up With Hobbies 

While young adulthood brings with it more professional responsibilities, that doesn’t mean your child should forget about their hobbies and other activities they love. Being able to separate themselves from work or school helps their mental health and keeps them active. It’s also a good way to socialize and meet new friends. 

Get Help When Needed

As a parent, you don’t always have the answers. And it’s okay to ask for help. That’s what we do at Nantucket Family Resource Center! We provide advice, programs, and other family resources to help parents and young adults with anything that comes your way. If you liked our parenting tips for young adults, connect with our team online for more parenting tips for college age kids!

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