About Us

FREE services

The Mission of the Nantucket Family Resource Center is to offer assistance and guidance to help families achieve their goals through a range of programs that foster a nurturing family environment. 

The Nantucket Family Resource Center is committed to supporting children, teens, young adults and their families by providing information, resources, programs, and referral services which fit their needs. We work with our many community providers to provide free, comprehensive family support from birth to adolescence.

The Nantucket Family Resource Center believes that with insight and practice, parents and caregivers can recognize their strengths and become effective teachers, listeners, and sources of guidance and stability. Children raised in nurturing environments are much more likely to have positive lifelong physical, emotional and academic outcomes. To this end, the Nantucket
Family Resource Center offers a variety of FREE programming to empower individuals and their families.

The Nantucket Family Resource Center provides the following services:

 -Assistance with the CRA process (Child Requiring Assistance, previously known as CHINS)
- Information and referral service
- Parent education and support groups (evidence based curriculum, life skills workshops and mutual self-help groups)
- Assistance navigating State systems and accessing community resources
- Child and youth clinical assessment
- School Liaison Sup
ports (Including IEP and 504 assistance)